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anchoring love

April 1, 2014
By JesoosKristy BRONZE, Carnoustie, Other
JesoosKristy BRONZE, Carnoustie, Other
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I feel much too young
To be feeling this old
But what do I know?
If any adults heard that s***
Boy, they’d just laugh at me
“Hold on to your seat kiddo” they’d say,
“It’s about to get a whole lot tougher”
And I’ll act gracious for their input
And they won’t notice I don’t find wine bitter anymore
I want to be selfish and succumb to my urge to run away
But there’s too many anchors
Too many anchors here tonight
You’re my blood
But I don’t want to deal with this
Not tonight
Not tonight
I’d rather be out getting kicks
Than in here kicking myself
This I know
This I’ve thought a million times
And it’s not long until youth won’t be a valid excuse for being stupid as f***
But I can’t think of a good mistake I’ve ever made in my life
And my friends cannot talk to me without bringing up their troublesome lives
And I cannot respond to how I am without making a bad joke
But if I wanna be able to live with myself
I know I gotta stay
I know I gotta stay
Because although I am tired
As much it appears I am indifferent
I care about their f***ing hearts nearly as much as mine
But while I am holding my sister’s hand, self pity is holding mine
Trying not to remind me that life is passing me by

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