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Sophomore September

September 25, 2014
By Bookemist GOLD, Cherry Hill, New Jersey
Bookemist GOLD, Cherry Hill, New Jersey
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"I think people should be allowed to do anything they want. We haven’t tried that for a while. Maybe this time it’ll work."- George Carlin

You can’t move forward
Without the cage’s keys
You can’t get beyond it
Without rightly paying fees
You can’t taste the honey
Until you’ve felt the stinging bees
And you can’t find the path
While you’re lost amidst the trees


The weights I feel above me

Have dragged me to my knees

And the trees that block the path
Don’t stop the stinging breeze
Those tears that sting my eyes
Are as salty as the sea’s
So frigid and so cold
The drops refuse to freeze


The people right beside me
Ignore my silent pleas
For the tears they see within me
Set them ill at ease
Though the tide tries rough to move me
The waves are hard to please
I insist I’m not contagious
They still insist I am diseased


In the end I’m all alone
Stuck and fully grown
I’d say sophomore year is going well, so far

The author's comments:

Sometimes, even when you're happy, you get stuck in your own head, and that drags you down. School doesn't help.

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