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blues love

November 7, 2014
By Austin42.0 GOLD, Seven Points, Texas
Austin42.0 GOLD, Seven Points, Texas
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peace comes with solitude

you see,

i couldn't eat for at least a week

i never saw whiter whites in my teeth

i know it seems bad but now i can see

that you were the only person made for me


so please babydoll will you take me back

we'll leave this town and we won't look back

i know it sounds wrong and you're probably mad

but i'll always be around if you need a good laugh


well i know that you understand my pain

even though this feeling is so damn arcane

i'd rather have your hand than any kind of fame

we can live our lives and pretend it's a game


'cause you'll never find any other game to change

i'll take you to a ball if you kiss me in the rain

and i promise you my all till the very end of days

but if you find it hard to fall, that would be okay


i'm running out of things that i can sing

and dear i know we are not a thing

but i really wana go out and buy you a ring

so maybe one day i'll get down on a knee


even in the middle of all my addictions

i can't get enough of your proper diction

if theres any other love

i don't want to find it

'cause with every little touch

my sense are blinded

by the love

The author's comments:

i was in my room, had a bad day that day, i picked up my guitar and started to play some reggae style tune, and then the words came, from somewhere way of in my mind, and they came out in great time too. i recorded it and wrote it down. please leave comments

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