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February 2, 2015
By Austin42.0 GOLD, Seven Points, Texas
Austin42.0 GOLD, Seven Points, Texas
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peace comes with solitude

sometimes, we sigh

sometimes, we smile

but all that, i want

is to stay for, a while

some time ago

some miles away

you came into my mind

and decided to stay
if i could go back

if i could retry

i'd bite back my tongue

on those words that night

and when i lay,

try to sleep on my own

time shifts to the day

when you called my arms home


i'm seeing, these lies

the pain is, disguised

nobody knows, who i am

cause' i am still, just a man

in this life, of pain a misery

the sound of love, will make me be

more confused, than anything

so tell me now, what do you need

my words don't fall, at the same speed

theirs don't mean, a single thing

you broke my heart, but you didn't leave

you left that part , up to me

when i left, i know you said

don't come back

i know i dread, yeah i regret

though i might come, to apologize

yeah i might try, to make this right

you finally found someone

he makes you laugh

he makes you smile

it should stay that way

at least for a while.

The author's comments:

i think it really speaks for itself. which is why i left it untitled.

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