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May 16, 2015
By itgirl318 BRONZE, Oakland, California
itgirl318 BRONZE, Oakland, California
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"I don't take things slow, remember? I just close my eyes and jump". -Laurel Lance from the television series Arrow.

I don't want to see you anymore,

Don't call me or show up at my door.

I'm done acting like everything's fine,

acting like you're only mines.

For months I've watched you calling them,

texting them and phoning them as if they were you're world.

So what happened to me?

Wasn't I your girl?

But i guess not because im Heartbroken.

I cried every night but you didn't notice.

It's funny because you meant everything to me,

you were who i focused on.

But now I'm heartbroken and i have to move on.

The author's comments:

i recently had a breakup with someone i've been with for almost a year. He meant everything to me but i obviously was nothing to him. I got over the breakup and i realized that i can move on because no one deserves someone who isn't going to be faithful.

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