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Love is a disguise

August 27, 2021
By Lexibrown05 BRONZE, Burnsville, Mississippi
Lexibrown05 BRONZE, Burnsville, Mississippi
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A love that's without strain 

our love is one of a kind 

a love that's humane 

our love should not go undefined 

that's the kind of love my mom always talked about 

but I start to wonder if it's really out there 

blue,clear skies 

it's all lies .

it's actually dark,cloudy rains 

and heartbreak.

a brekaint chain . 

will I ever be the same ?

my heart I must reclaim . 

The author's comments:

This is a poem about how I actually fell in love and got heartbroken for the second time in my life but it was much worse then the first time. 

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