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September 9, 2021
By per1w1nkle SILVER, Dayton, Nevada
per1w1nkle SILVER, Dayton, Nevada
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"Stop waiting for Friday. For summer. For someone to fall in love with you, for your life to begin. Happiness is achieved when you stop waiting for it and make the most of the moment you are in now."

Standing, surrounded, but yet all alone

Words race through my ears but don't register

And, yet, this I would think I should have known

And though still my mind continues to stir 

My mind stuck around the tiny thought

That I am alone in this big, big, world

“Keep quiet so you fit in” I was taught

Those words in my mind settled then swirled.

Those discouraging words through my whole life

Broke me down and hurt my self-confidence

They cut through me, almost like a big knife

“No noise is the key to atropolis”

I remembered what my friends had all urged

And out of my shell, I slowly emerged

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