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April 16, 2010
By Miseltoe GOLD, Boneville, Georgia
Miseltoe GOLD, Boneville, Georgia
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I'm a loser and I love to lose. Each time I lose its different, it teaches me something else... but winning loses its glamour after the first few times. so I love to lose

So many times I’ve abandoned
So many people watched me pull away
You were one of them
Somehow the roles were switched
And now I’m on the receiving end
It’s hard to cope here
You never said you were leaving me
Sure I knew you were leaving
But I’ve tried so hard to hold you close
When people leave me it tends to be
In death
So maybe that is why I mourn
I’ve tried giving you up
I know it’s your life
And you owe nothing to me
But I want to see your smile
To embrace you like nothing’s between us
Several people in my life want those words
They would pay dearly for what I give you freely
I cry most times I admit it
Cause you will never be there again
Not like you were before
And I need you…

The author's comments:
Ofcourse this is about a guy I love. I don't mean that puppy dog high school I will die without him love because lets face it he is gone and I'm alive... I mean that LOVE when I know he's gone for good but a day doesn't go by that I don't see his features, his eyes, his smile, his laugh, his hands, his walk in a passing stranger.

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