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Two Angels

March 5, 2013
By Daneyer GOLD, Gatineau, District Of Columbia
Daneyer GOLD, Gatineau, District Of Columbia
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Two angels anchored to the wint’ry floor
Alone at last; sweet ev’rythings drift nigh
Straight-jacket wings, down fingers I adore
My feathers ruffled, longing so to fly
But whisp’ring angel, why won’t you take flight?
Snow curtain lifts; betrays his shackled feet
The weather dips, you won’t survive the night
In such ferocious wind and lack of heat
He hugs the fence, his fingers brush my cheek
Refusing tears won’t stop my being drowned
He knows goodbyes were never meant to speak
I bite and break the chain that leaves him bound
Two fallen angels steal the form of geese
But none confined the other can’t release

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