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Innocence Away

May 9, 2013
By Anachristi SILVER, Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas
Anachristi SILVER, Fair Oaks Ranch, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
Life is something to love

Do you see the wide blue eyes?

Do you hear the newborn lamb?

Do you see the way that Jesus walked?

Do you see the way we can’t?

Do you see the stillborn baby?

Do you feel the clenched little fists?

Do you hear the thread of life escaping?

Do you see his unmoving lips?

Do you see the uncried tears?

Do you hear the screams inside?

Do you smell the unspoken fears?

Do you feel the dark things at night?

Do you hear the flames getting higher?

Do you smell the curdling smoke?

Do you see your last escape?

Do you feel the last of your hope?

Do you see your childhood passing?

Do you hear no more the laughs?

Do you feel the rain of the funerals?

Do you feel the breath, your last?

Do you hear it leaving?

Do you smell it fading?

Do you feel it slipping?

Do you see it escaping?

Do you have any innocence left?

The author's comments:
Growing up is a part of life, but with everything changing around me, I sometimes feel nostalgic over my old memories. Just a couple years ago everything was different, but it has all changed with time. It used to be about family time and playing outside; I remember when my biggest problem was when James stole my crayons. Now all I feel like I'm faced with anymore are choices: choices about college, friends, family, boyfriends, sex, drugs, drinking, being popular, drama, and the heavy weight of my future. I wish I could slip back into the simpler times, where the cool grace of innocence was still upon me.

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