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Necrosis and Death

November 23, 2015
By MorningStar921 PLATINUM, Cheshire, Connecticut
MorningStar921 PLATINUM, Cheshire, Connecticut
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You say you’re blue but all I see is red
Your guts rotting ‘neath your porcelain doll skin
I see you dying, asphyxiation
Treading roiling seas of your emotions
Never, no never, to any avail
And the poison that runs between your veins
Is the darkness destroying your mind and soul
Underneath their dominion you’re helpless
Lest they eat you whole, savage beasts they are
Lest they swallow you whole, spit out your bones
And there’s no escape from what lurks within
What flays you alive, what drowns you in blood
Don’t lie, I see inside; all you are is
Necrosis and death: you’re all hollowed out.

The author's comments:

This poem is a variation of a sonnet known as Blank Verse. The rhyming scheme is the same, but the verses do not rhyme.

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