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Oh the places you’ll go

March 5, 2010
By jules16 PLATINUM, Fredericksburg, Virginia
jules16 PLATINUM, Fredericksburg, Virginia
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Miami Florida, the home of crystal sand beaches, and zesty Cuban food. A city, known for not only its beautiful atmosphere but also for the beautiful people that inhabit it. Miami is a vacation dynasty that is perfect for the young, the old, the rich, and even the sales shoppers. The possibilities are endless and the way you map out your adventure is a trip all in its own. In this guide to Miami, you will learn about all of the best activities, Restaurants, and cultural experiences the city has to offer. Just don’t forget your bikini, sunscreen, and your best heels for a night out on the streets.

The first step for having a great vacation is finding a great hotel. According to your spending limit it can be hard to find something that fits you and your families needs and wants. If you are young, and planning on relaxing on the beaches by day, and clubbing by night, then the “Loews” is perfect for you. For one week in an ocean front room it will cost you a mere 2000 dollars, but the cost is well worth the amenities. An ocean view from the Olympic size swimming pool will take your breath away. The dining, stunning bedrooms, and lounges will make your stay in Miami one you will never forget. Another plus about the “Loews” Is that is right in the middle of the beach strip. It is rated the most high end resort on the water, and you are treated like royalty when you are a guest.

For a more family oriented group of travelers I would like to recommend to you the “Sixty Sixty resort”. It is a quick 3 or 4 minute walk from the ocean and the best deal on the strip. This resort is known for being less stuck up, and also lowers your chances of encountering drunken collage students on a daily basis. For one week at the “Sixty Sixty” you only pay around 750 dollars, a complete steal. Amenities include a descent, kid friendly pool. As well as things like a 24 hour gym to work off the Cuban food you will likely indulge in all week long, and a Jacuzzi for the grown ups.

After you have chosen your home away from home for your trip to Miami, you must now choose your experience. Though it may seem simple, it’s not as easy as it may seem. The obvious activities include swimming in the ocean, baking on the beach, and enjoying night life right? Well if this is all you see while In Miami you’re definitely missing out. Try things not so touristy, experience the culture the outskirts of Miami is famous for. There are many things to do, you just must figure out exactly what you’re looking for

Woman of all ages who are fitness obsessed, I am talking to you. Miami is lined with small gyms called “The pink ladies”, I my self have been to many of them and have discovered a true Miami gem. Though your hotel may accommodate you with a dull white room including a treadmill, a set of weights and a bicycle you are missing out if you do not go off the strip to work out the Miami way. Strap on some neon spandex, and head out to one of the tourist friendly aerobics, yoga, or zumba classes “The Pink Lady” gyms offer. For a quick 5 dollar fee you can join in the fun, and work on your bikini body. This may seem drastic for a class many of our gyms at home hold regularly, but I can promise you things are done differently here in the sunshine state; indulge your self in Blasting music, ecstatic teachers, cultural music, and an all around different way of doing things.

We all get hungry, so why not try something different to eat while you stay in Miami? For those of you who are here to party and have a good time, I have the perfect fix. It comes in a small, booming package called “Taverna Opa”. I have had some of the best nights of my life living it up in this age friendly, table dancing night club. A Greek themed restaurant on the south side of Miami welcomes you to an array of delicious Greek food. Your meal is presented in courses and you are simply asked to pay a down price of 25$ a person for all the food and drinks provided. While waiting for your food you will be invited by belly dancers, and other customers who have arrived before you too get up on your table and dance. Yes, you heard me on the table. A no shame, fun, wild experience is yours tonight because you are about to dance, eat, and sing the night away while a DJ keeps the songs rolling all night long.

Too keep the kids entertained there are a few places you can bring them to keep them smiling all day long. First off I strongly recommend bringing your kids to the “Biscayne national park”. A brisk drive from the strip you will be amazed at what you have found. Though this is for kids, you might want to be careful of the age group you bring along for this excursion, because to do certain activities it would probably be best to have kids aged from 7 years old and up. At this wonderful national park you and your kids will actually be able to experience, scuba dive, or snorkel near the coral reefs of Miami. An experience of a life time, which can be completely set up by the park for a fairly affordable price, is well worth the time and money. Other amazing activities there include fishing, canoeing, and taking ride in the parks own glass bottom boat!

Next you might want to consider taking the younger kids too the Miami children’s museum. I have been told by locals who have taken visits their that it is the best museum for kids in the country. Having passed by it and seen its massive appearance my self I do not doubt it is well worth it to take a detour to go see it. A detour is hardly even the word for it, considering the museum is only a 5 to 10 minute drive depending on where you are staying on the strip. The possibilities are endless for kids here; on the first floor they can enjoy mini kid sized versions of banks, fire stations, and super markets. On the second floor kids are welcomed to do abstract art projects, check out a television studio, and even board a cruise ship. The most famous activity is the mount Michimu climbing wall, for kids of all sizes to climb to the top of this miniature mountain.

Last but definitely not least make sure you take a day too visit the Miami metro zoo. A definite delight for the whole family this massive zoo is the home to over 1,200 animals! At this exquisite, and rather adventurous zoo your family can rent what is called a “Zoo cycle” that will direct you through the whole place, in time too see everything! There is even a giraffe feeding station where you and your kids can actually feed a giraffe straight out of your hands; an activity that makes this urban, cultural spin on a zoo unique, and worth the small ten dollar entrance fee.

One last thing you should consider when going on a luxurious trip to Miami is the opportunity to give back to the community. I know, I know not the usual vacation activity, but believe it or not a little community service pays off emotionally in the end. Take a day during your trip and visit the well known Miami food bank. They can always use a few extra hands to extend their gratitude out to those who are hungry, and living in poverty. A little effort can go a far way, and a couple hours out of your vacation could be a meal on the table for a family just like yours.

Now that you know all about Miami, and its hidden treasures I trust that you will have a vacation of a life time and follow my advice on the hottest places in town. Of course experience the traditional tourist Gimmicks rent a jet ski (because lets be honest, the 100 dollar fee the rip off vendor charges you is way worth it); and hit up the gift shops and by your special someone at home a coffee mug, or a T shirt. But most of all make sure while in Miami you learn to understand the culture, be adventurous, explore your surrounding, and like all vacations indulge in the change of atmosphere. There’s no better city in the country, trust me.

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