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Bump this product off television

March 5, 2010
By jules16 PLATINUM, Fredericksburg, Virginia
jules16 PLATINUM, Fredericksburg, Virginia
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Woman today are always looking for the latest, greatest hair tool to give them that extra volume. In 2003 this handy tool came in the form of what is known as a “bump it”. This plastic hair enhancement was advertised world wide in a convincing, upbeat infomercial I was unfortunate enough to have seen. The commercial shows us woman, with salon looking hair styles claiming they achieved this super hot style all on their own thanks to their bump it! Well ladies and gentleman it is my right to tell you for the price of 19.99 Big Happy Hair corporations is going to send you a big piece of crap.

I paid full price for the Bump it, hoping it would make my flat hair a little more full and give me some volume. Not knowing exactly what the product even looked like I trusted the finished result of the woman on television and took a shot in the dark. Not smart, I know but sometimes my hair obsession gets the best of me, much like most women in this country who wasted their money and time on this product. When I received my Bump It in the mail I was excited to test it out and show my friends. The box they sent it in was pink with black stripes and really well marketed. When I opened it up I surprised to find that I had seemingly paid 20 bucks for well, not a lot. I followed the directions and attempted to implant the hunk of plastic under my hair, as I looked in the mirror I realized I had been tricked, the joke was on me. The adorable “volume” I had been promised, was now sitting on my head making me look like the new cast member of the cone heads. The piece of plastic quickly began giving me a massive head ache, I mean what idiot pays 20 dollars to put a painful, ugly bump on their own head? Girls of America, we are really starting to fall short on brains.

Little had I known, the woman on the Bump It commercial were either not using the product at all or had professional hair stylists working desperately to reverse the unappealing look the product has to offer. The Bump It is basically a rounded rectangular piece of plastic with picks running down the sides to help stick to your hair. The unfortunate part about these picks is that not only do they stick to your hair, but they don’t come out; unless you tug at them ripping out your own hair in a very painful and messy process. Knowing where and how to apply the product is a time consumer all in itself and the product as a whole, was a complete disappointment. Take my word and be conscious of these infomercial miracle products, the only miracle is that we, the public is stupid enough to buy them.

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