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Hoping for White dear Woods

October 23, 2018
By Wyattlax29 BRONZE, Hopkinton, Massachusetts
Wyattlax29 BRONZE, Hopkinton, Massachusetts
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White deer woods is a place of magic shapeshifting and caring heartfelt relationships. With three main characters Raul,Tuffman and White Wolf, these characters have to find a way to live on this island.

Wouldn't it be hard not to see your mother and barely ever see your father? You have to figure out how to be loved and who to love. So with the help of the Dean Swift and Bo Bo (the dog) Raul figures out how to manage his crazy life.   

Do you like books about animals?

Have you ever read a book where humans turn into animals and back into humans?

Would you like to read a book that is deep, meaningful and has a lot of detail?   

In this book Raul, a kid with few words, not a lot friends and a weird family. His mother is stuck as a wolf and his father is very sad so he sent Raul off to a boarding school. The author of this book is Sandra Evans. If you have ever read any of her other books you would definitely like this one, but this book can also get you into her writing.


Imagine you are running through woods at top speed dogging trees and brush and then you get out of the trees and you see this beautiful view of the ocean and a nice lighthouse. Personally I like working hard and then seeing that work pay off in the end.

And that is a big part of this book, helping other people and then they help you when you need it.


In my opinion this book is so well written. There's so much love, support and hope between these two characters. So Raul can only come see her on the weekends because he has to go to his boarding school during the week. So you can imagine how hopeful and excited they are to see each other every weekend.

In this book these two main characters have to fight a cougar but the cougar is also Raul’s gym teacher. When these two characters fight one of them wins and one of them will end up ruling White Deer Woods.

When these characters change from man to animal they have to go to a certain spot and change, Raul’s place is the lighthouse and the gym teachers is a old military fort down on the rocky beach. This book has so many different points of view but it is written in one perspective. This book is so fun to read especially watching the different characters grow and change.

This book was so compelling it has everything from water and light houses to relationships that will never end. I loved this book and that's why I am recommending it.    

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on Nov. 16 2018 at 9:53 am
Wyattlax29 BRONZE, Hopkinton, Massachusetts
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cool cool

on Nov. 9 2018 at 9:16 am
thejrosen SILVER, Grafton, Massachusetts
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Nice job!