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A Pleasent Surprise

July 10, 2009
By Natalie4ya GOLD, Laredo, Texas
Natalie4ya GOLD, Laredo, Texas
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I started the summer with almost nothing to do and it stayed that way till mid June. It wasn’t until I found out that my new high school required summer reading that I had something to do. Now as a writer and a lover of books I was exited, ecstatic even to hear this news. So the next day I went online to the school website and printed out the list of books from which I could choose. When I saw Lord of the Flies as required I swear my jaw hit the ground. This was the book I had been avoiding for years.

After much procrastinating and complaining I managed to read the first chapter and I hated it. I felt like I had started watching a movie half an hour late. It was very irritating to read. There was so much detail about the setting but not enough in my opinion about the characters. I felt like I wasn’t really getting to know them. Still I knew that I had to get this finished whether I liked it or not.

So I read the book frown and all and you know what it actually turned out to be one of my favorites. Neither the story nor my opinion of it changed for almost the complete duration of the book. It wasn’t till the last three pages that I realized what it was really about. This book I had assumed to be a dumb adventure novel turned out to have great meaning. It’s hard to say just how I felt at the end when they were rescued. It was as if just like Ralph it all hit me when I saw the man on the beach. I cried like Ralph cried and my mind raced as I’m sure his did. The meaning of this great island experience hit me.

I recommend this book because it taught me things that all should learn. I hope that with experience all of us young authors can have such a profound understanding of the human race. Thank you William Golding!

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