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Twelfth Nigh by William Shakespeare MAG

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   Why not put theDanielle Steele on hold for awhile and try something new? Howabout something written by a little-known author, WilliamShakespeare? The time has come to remember the Bard with aplay called Twelfth Night. You ask, "Why should Irekindle those terrors of high school, the struggle tounderstand Elizabethan language, the heavy subjects?" Forevery reason: it is time to reacquaint yourself with goodwriting; because, Shakespeare in hand, you will catch admiringglances, but mostly because of the clever humor that keeps youentertained every page of the way.

Worry not over thedifficult language. Most editions have explanations ofElizabethan colloquialisms, and everything else is fairlysimple to understand. The story opens with Viola, shipwreckedin a foreign land, with her brother presumed dead. Viola donsa man's costume and with the name Cesario, plays messenger forthe Lord Orsino. The lord favors her (whom he presumes to be aman!) and soon Viola falls in love with him. However, thedisguise cages her love. To make matters worse, Orsinopassionately loves Olivia, and sends Viola to declare his loveto the lady. Confusion and love triangles ensue, driving theaction from one hilarious scene to another. To complicate theplot further, the reader finds Viola's brother alive andshipwrecked in the same town! Mistaken identities heighten theexcitement as conflicts build.

From a mass ofconfusion, Shakespeare masterfully creates an exciting,amusing story. Variations on the love triangle theme willtempt you, but settle for nothing less than the original! Doyourself a favor and pick up a copy of Twelfth Night. You havenothing to lose and everything to gain from this

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