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September 22, 2007
By Anonymous


Alfred A. Knopf, 2005, 272pp., $8.99
By: Carl Hiaasen

ISBN: 978-0375841859

Would you take the risk of going to jail for keeping nature clean? Well that's exactly what Mr. Underwood did. Mr. Underwood loves nature a lot and doesn't think it should be polluted, but when he found out that the Coral Queen (a casino boat) has been dumping waste into the water, he burned it down. For that reason, he was sent to jail. It was then up to his son Noah to crack the case. Noah is a normal teenage boy who is just like his father, who loves nature. He and his sister Abby goes on an amazing adventure with help from many people. Shelly, a bartender that used to work on the Coral Queen helps them a lot. Noah faces many obstacles such as: bullies and endangering Abby and his life. Noah and Abby come up with a plan to bust down the Coral Queen by using fuchsia food coloring. What is their plan, and will they succeed or crash and burn?

This book was really captivating because it doesn't pause and draws you into the book. When I read it, I felt that it was a very adventurous book. When reading this book, it had slow times when it just kept going on and on, but then it gets right back into something interesting. This book is a great book for young readers, older students, and even adults. Carl Hiaasen is an amazing author. The books I've read by him are just truly classics. Flush doesn't have a sequel, but the same author wrote Hoot. This is a phenomenal book that draws you in and makes you feel apart of the story.

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