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A Child Called It

September 30, 2007
By Anonymous

"A review on A Child Called It"

The book I read was A Child Called It. This book was about one of California's most severe cases of child abuse. The book was inspirational, mind changing, and emotional. While reading this book I couldn't put it down and found myself feeling greatly for the author Dave Pelzer.
I enjoyed reading this book. The book was in my opinion one of the most notable books I've read. It was something important that still happens in our world. I liked how it was from Dave as a child's view so you could get the feel of this is a little boy and this how he feels about it when it's happening. If the author made it from himself as an adult it wouldn't be from the point as the abuse happened and wouldn't be as realistic. I liked how the book made me wish I could have done something and want to help Dave. I think that's the effect the author wanted. I think he wanted to inspire people to not take child abuse or see the signs and not do something.
A Child Called is a book that makes the reader really think about what's important in life. Before I read the book I was one to complain about my family and how embarrassing they are and how they don't get me. Then I read this book and I realized compared to Dave's family, my family was great. I was going around not understanding the value of family and how bad and good it could be. I realized the power of love and how even in the strangest case, like your mother beats you, can someone still have love for them. In the beginning Dave's reason for not calling out his mother was confusion and love. He had loved his mother so much that he let her brainwash him and abuse him for years before using the word “hate” to her. I would use that word loosely toward my family members when in an argument. I now think about that word and what “hate” really is and what it takes for love to disappear and turn into hate. I regret now ever using the word to describe how I felt toward my family.
I would definitely recommend this book to other children my age. I say my age because as teenagers we take things for granted and don't understand our family rules and we act out against it. I think if teens read this book and think about it then we can understand what a bad family is and respect the parents that we have now. Dave didn't have really good parents and siblings, and I and my peers are here complaining if we have a curfew. I think it will broaden our perspective on life and what's fair. I got my sister to want to read the book because she sees a change in me that appreciates our family more and trying to be more patient with them because I know they love me and I say to myself it could be worse. I also think that reading this book we will learn about something that is still happening in our country and we can further understand it. Before I read this book I was always saying about child abuse how could the child not tell anyone and it was because they had fear and they didn't believe anyone could help them.
“A Child Called It” was a book that really changed my thought on things. I had never read a book that made me cry and change me as a person. I loved the book and couldn't put it down. I will later read the two other books that follow Dave's life. I think if you want to read something that has a true inspirational meaning than read “A Child Called It”

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