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November 5, 2007
By Anonymous

Tis Review

Tis takes place in the slums of New York. Throughout the story, Frank McCourt never fails to give the reader the traffic infested downtown image of a poor Irish immigrant in New York City man looking to survive. The story gets down and dirty to give the real story an Irish immigrant.

There is no happy ever after like in a princess tale. Real is what this story is. Of my few trips to Chicago, Tis reminds me of those hard and cold streets of a melting pot. The year is around 1955 when America is beginning to cope with the different sorts of ethnic groups.

Frank never lures the reader to figure he is something that he isn't. He's a stubborn individual struggling to make end's meet. Thing just seem to get worse for McCourt from day one. All of the setbacks that Frank undergoes in a way makes me feel thankful that my life isn't that bad. From the beginning when he has lice then develops an eye infection from it, things just seem to go up then way down at times for McCourt.

Frank takes the reader from his youth to his 30's. The reader really gets to know deep feelings and thoughts of an upcoming nobody. McCourt takes the reader through his military years as well through his struggled marriage. Tis seems to be an unrated story filled with alcohol problems and getting a homerun with your fantasy girl

To be honest, reading is a hassle for me. If this book report wasn't an assignment I probably wouldn't have read it, as would other teenagers. All in all I wouldn't mind recommending this book to someone sick of fake stories and is looking for a good honest down and dirty story of Frank McCourt's.

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