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Sister Slam

November 8, 2007
By Anonymous

Sister Slam
Linda Oatman High
Young Adult Fiction

Sister Slam is set in the Big Apple, NY in the present day, it is about a young girl named Laura, her best friend Twig, who decided to leave there little town name Baneville after graduating and become “Two poets on the road”. Laura is a girl who has no self confidence but finds a way to express her self by writing poems. Twig is more energetic and always tries to see the good side not the bad side, she also writes poetry. They hear about a Poem Slam in New York. The girls decide to go for it. Once they hit the road everything starts going wrong for Laura and Twig. Starting with running over a pig.
Sister Slam is about friendship and seeing how much people care about there friends and how far they are willing to go for a friend. Another theme is love, finding love and seeing that any one can find it. Linda Oatman High does a great job of reaching out to young girls and making them see that everyone is beautiful and that what's inside is greater than the outer appearance. Linda knows how to put humor in her books and make you laugh all day.
Like R.L Stine books Sister Slam keeps you reading at a fast pace. Once you pick it up its hard to stop reading. But R.L Stine books are written differently, they are thriller and they are mysterious keeping you on the edge of your seat. Sister Slam is more girly and adventurous and instead of a giving you a fright you let out a giggle or an, “Ah how sweet”. It's a hilarious book you won't want to put down because of the funny situations the girls get into. It's a perfect book for any teenage girl because, the girls can relate to this book in many ways. Such as having low self esteem but always finding a way to make your self feel better.

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