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Someone like summer

November 8, 2007
By Anonymous

Someone like summer

By: M.E Kerr

Esteban a tough young man fell in love with the wrong one, which was Annabel. As problems occurred between there relationship it seemed like if problems were occurring in the town of Seaview too like Hurricane Katrina was going on and the Iraq war to. There problems were similar to the Hurricane that was going on but one thing was that were they going to survive through that Hurricane or would they have to separate from that cause.
Just by the soft looks in the eyes Esteban and Annabel fell in love in a Soccer game.” Dad couldn't have known we were seeing each other secretly''.Impossible love was the keyword for them because the great obstacle was that they couldn't be together because of her dad he wanted a better future for Annabel not a boyfriend that works for her father.
The only way there relationship could have been going on is to see each other secretly and that's exactly what hey did for love. They both thought that as time passed maybe Ana's dad could accept Esteban. ‘'I sensed he felt the same way I did, that suddenly we saw the future and we weren't together''. Both were scared that in their future they wouldn't be together to share many things there was to share. Something Esteban was mostly scared about was also that his family wouldn't accept Annabel for being a white girl. Now through their future they have learned to accept what Annabel's dad said “Wait till you older and maybe if he really loves you he will wait for you”. That's what they both decided to do wait and hope to be together again.
This real life issue book is recommended to people who like to read about romantic stories. Even though it's a fiction story it makes sense as if it were to happen in real life. Throughout this book the author used great explanatory descriptions because that's how it got to the theme where it was impossible love. The ending was horrible because it was not what it was expected.

Rating: 4

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