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Light Years

November 13, 2007
By Anonymous

Light Years
Tammer Stein
Realistic Fiction

The novel light years takes place in Israel, and Virginia, every other chapter switches off. When she's in Virginia it is talking about now. When Maya is in Israel the book is going back in time. Maya is 21, and she just got out of training (boot camp). After loosing the love of her life she goes off to college. Maya meet the life of her life while stationed in Tel Aviv living with her aunt Hen. Something later on happens very unexpected! Can you believe it all happened because of the stupid bus boy? Maya is faced with not have Dov in her life anymore at college, and will never forget about him. The theme of Light Years involves revenge. The author expresses this when Maya gets someone fired and the bus boy ends up trying to kill her, and her boyfriend but his plan ends up going terribly wrong! Maya wonders “ If the Palestinian bomber would be pleased that it turned out the way it did. An eye for an eye. A tooth for a tooth. I ruined his life. So he ruined mine. Author Tammer Stein for Light Years does a very good job on keeping you reading. The climax doesn't come until the end of the book so throughout the book you keep asking yourself when something exciting is going to happen but until then you just have to keep reading. This novel reminds me a lot of “The first part last,” by Angela Johnson. Just like light years every chapter switches to now and back into time. This book differs a lot though by the pace of light years and how slow it goes. In the book “The first part last” you know what's going on from the very beginning. Light Years is a very easy book to relate to, a lot of young people think the way Maya does. The only downfall about this book was waiting for something to happen. Since the climax was in the very end. The climax just seems to linger and linger which eventually makes you want to just stop reading and put down the book. I would recommend Light Years for someone who doesn't mind waiting for something to happen, someone who has a lot of time to spend reading to waiting for whats going to happen. If your a really impatient person when it comes to reading this really wouldn't be the best book for you.

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