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The Amityville Horror

November 20, 2007
By Anonymous

The Amityville Horror
By Jay Anson

I loved every second reading this book. Usually I am never the person to go out and read whenever he gets the chance, in fact, I am typically the person that is least likely to do something like that. This book was one of the only non-fiction stories that I could actually read cover to cover, actually, it is one of the only books that I could read completely. Once I picked up this book, no one could pry it from my fingers.
It follows the plea of a family who had moved into a house only a few days before Christmas. Unfortunately, they were practically forced from their house in less than a month later. Terrifying stories from a secret room behind the closet, to an “angel” talking to the youngest female, Missy, in the form of a pig, to moving objects, and even mysterious ooze that came from nowhere. Included in the horrifying tale is their close friend and priest, Father Mancuso, who gets very serious symptoms of a terrible flu whenever he talks or even thinks about the time he was over at the house on Ocean Avenue.
I started becoming interested in the paranormal when I had realized that the house I recently lived in was haunted. And this frightening story will keep you in your seat while you are reading this book, hoping and praying that when you look over your shoulder at the clock that it isn't 3:15. An overall great book choice for anyone interested in this type of reading material.

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Favorite Quote:
don't let people define you, only you can.

I find this relatable because I would watch or read something paranormal and I would become obsessed with it.