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Roddy Doyle

December 7, 2007
By Anonymous

Roddy Doyle
by:Paula Spencer

Roddy Doyle is a wonderful story about a single mother trying to keep peace in her family.
When i first looked at this book i thought it was just a book about drinking or something like that but when i read the first chapter i was just sucked in. It flowed very well and explained how hard it is for a single Mother to deal with two kids.

Roddy Doyle is the main character in this story (so the cover says). She is the single mother that is an alcoholic. Her drug problem rubbed onto her kids and now their young adults that drink alcohol.
Roddy Doyle is trying to survive her life and help her kids before they go through the same problems too.
Overall this story is a wonderful story about Motherhood. I recommend for all people who just love to read books.

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