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Looking for Alaska

May 22, 2008
By Anonymous

The plot in Looking for Alaska is Miles Halter decides to go to a boarding school called Culver Creek. He left his boring life in Florida to go to this school and he ends up meeting new friends. Miles and his friends drink, smoke, and play pranks but one day one of them dies. Miles and his friends must find out what happened to their friend.

The setting is a the whole year at Culver Creek school.

Miles Halter is a scrawny, nerdy-type of guy who loves last words and he decides to go to Culver Creek to seek the "Great Perhaps"

The Genre is romance and a little mystery.

John Green, the author, did a great job describing scenes throughout the whole book. I felt like i was in the book the whole time. He really knows how to keep the reader involved in the book and he relates events that the reader might have experienced.

A person who likes adventure and seeing what other high school students do should read this book. People who like to be "apart" of the book should also read this.

I really liked Looking for Alaska. i thought it started a little slow in the beginning, but it really picked up and i couldnt put it done from the middle on. If anybody has a chance to read Looking for Alaska they really should read it!

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Alaska SILVER said...
on May. 7 2009 at 6:48 pm
Alaska SILVER, Santa Rosa, California
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"That's what she said."

Looking for Alaska is an amazing book and you did a good job of making it sound dull and boring and completely uninteresting. Congrats.