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The Last of The Really Great Whangdoodles

May 22, 2008
By Anonymous

In the book, The Last of the Really Great Whangedoodles there was a professor and three children set foot to see the Great Wangedoodle.The book takes place in Whangedoodleland. Whangedoodleland is so very colorful, with exquisite flowers and creatures of all sorts. Whangedoodleland is not what you see normally it is very colorful everywhere you look, and even the sizes of things are not normal (such as the Flutterbye.) It is like a fairy tale place. This is very good book, I usually don't read these kinds of books, but this one is defiantly one of my favorites. This is mainly a adventure book, but it is also a Fiction kind of book. Even if you don't like Fiction books trust me this book will catch your attention. Also if you're a person that likes to see the picture of what's happening in the book then this is defiantly a book for you, it's always describing the stuff that the characters are doing or looking at. Ignore the age recommendation on the back because it is really great for all ages. I give it a 8.

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