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Code Orange

January 2, 2008
By Anonymous

Code Orange
by: Caroline B. Cooney
This book was great. Its setting is in modern day New York. It tells the story of a kid who is a slacker and never does his homework. He just concentrates on the good life, his friends, and Olivia (his crush). His family has a country house in Conneticutt. His biology teacher gave the class the term paper topic of infectious disease. If he does not complete the paper then he cannot stay in advanced biology with Olivia. So this time he decided to do his research. He looked through some old medical books when he found an envelope with old smallpox scabs in it. He accidentally breathes them up through his nose. Now he is worried if he has smallpox or not. This gets him into a tricky situation that would be tough to get out of. Will he make it or not? You will only know if you read this wonderful book.

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