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Princess Academy

January 4, 2008
By Anonymous

Princess Academy Review

Princess Academy. Sounds girly, right? Sounds petty and delicate. Let me tell you, the title is extremely misleading. Shannon Hale is back in her writing realm with this fantastic book.

The story revolves around the main character, Miri, and her acquaintances from her village. One day, it is announced that all girls of age are to be taken to the Princess Academy and trained in manners and poise. Miri, a strong-willed, stubborn, but loveable girl does not want to go. Many village girls are thrilled- if they are top students at the Academy, they will have a chance at marriage with the prince! This is another road block for Miri. Her “prince” lives right in her village and is named Peder.

The Princess Academy opens up a new world of reading, writing, and balancing books on one's head to the primitive village girls. But Miri catches on quickly and soon rises to the top of the class. This causes many girls to turn on her out of jealousy. Just like any good book should go, the best girl ends up with the prince. And that girl is not Miri.

It turns out that Miri's friend, Britta, actually knows the prince, so of course he ends up choosing her. Miri is happy for her friend, and when she returns home, Peder's welcome is as good as an engagement ring.

In between tea parties and lessons in conversation, a strong theme is woven. Miri is a very strong female character. I loved seeing her succeed in things even the strongest village boys could not do. Readers will find themselves cheering for brave Miri. The story also includes bits of family love, and pride in one's home.

I really enjoyed the thick plot and exciting, completely unexpected twists and turns of the story. I can see the book appealing to a wide audience because of its many different themes throughout the book. Excitement, romance, humor, learning- it's all here! That is why I highly recommend this book.

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