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Peak by Roland Smith

May 27, 2008
By Anonymous

Smith, Roland. (2007). Peak.
New York: Scholastic Inc.

Peak is a boy who loves to climb, he climbed a skyscraper, his face was frozen to the building, then police can and arrested him for climbing the skyscraper. The police took Peak to JDC (Juvenile Detention Center). His father (Josh) found out about it and he came to help out with the situation. Peak went with Josh to go on an expedition, but Peak doesn't know where they are going. He thinks they are going to Chiang Mai. Josh took Peak to a physical to see if Peak is okay to climb. After the physical Peak and Josh went to the airport, to go to Kathmandu. Then from there Josh went to Everest, while Peak stayed back and rested. After Peak was at the hotel resting, Zopa and Sun- jo came and had Peak try on all his climbing equipment to see what does and doesn't fit and traded in what doesn't fit to get things that do fit. Then went and caught up with Josh, after they caught up with Josh and the others, Josh took some people up to ABC camp while Peak, Zopa and Sun- jo stayed back at base camp so they could get use to the cold air and so they don't get sick from going up to fast. Next when Josh came back down to base camp then Peak, Zopa and Sun- jo went up to ABC camp and came back and stayed at base camp for a few days then went back up and now they are going back to ABC to go higher up to camp four. Then they will go up to the summit like they were planning on doing.

The setting takes place at Mt. Everest. Peak loves to climb and so does his father Josh. Josh takes Peak to Everest so they can climb the mountain it together.

What makes this book good, is how it's set up, all the description of things, and how it's put together. The way its set up is nice because you can understand more of what is going on. The description is good because it tells more about where they are and what they are doing. But I don't like how some parts in the book are boring but otherwise it's a really good book.

Genre: fiction.

I rate this as a 8 because some parts are kind of boring and a lot of parts are really good and interesting if you're a good reader you would get done really fast but if you're a slow reader you would get done as fast but it won't take a long time to finish.


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