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Warriors Don't Cry by Melba Patillo Beals

May 18, 2010
By jdeluca GOLD, Bedford, New York
jdeluca GOLD, Bedford, New York
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Warriors Don’t Cry, a memoir written by Melba Patillo Beals, is a terrifying true story that took place in Little Rock, Arkansas, during the late 1950s, the height of racial tensions in America. The book is about nine African American children who became the first to integrate to a white school, Central High School. They faced and overcame many pressures and fears - both internal and external. Throughout the novel, the children were tortured by bigoted remarks and even hit and spat upon. Although these children were tormented, as the book progresses, the Little Rock Nine become warriors.

Ms. Beals, one of the Little Rock Nine, as this group was known, was so scarred by her memories she had to wait years before writing this book about her experience. After reading this book, I understand why she had to wait so long to even consider writing about this encounter. The things that happened to these nine children are unimaginable. It makes one question how could America, a country of opportunity and freedom, let this abuse go on. This novel is not just the story of the Little Rock Nine, it includes aspect of American history that are very important for people to know so history does not repeat itself.

This historical non-fiction first-hand account deserves five out of five stars because it is well written and done in a manner that makes you feel like you are Ms. Beals, herself. It evokes one’s senses and even makes the reader angry to see how America treated African Americans for so long. I recommend this book to everyone that loves a good non-fiction read and American history.

The author's comments:
I read this book and it was so inspirational, I wanted to convince others to read it as well.

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