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Fahrenheit 451: Literary Theory Essay

May 27, 2010
By Aaroni BRONZE, Montclair, New Jersey
Aaroni BRONZE, Montclair, New Jersey
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In the book, Fahrenheit 451, the characters are separated by sex. That means that men and women in the community have different jobs and tasks. The men have more masculine and rough jobs that include physical power. Women, on the other hand, have harmless jobs that are not dangerous, and use less strength. This causes the community to have two separate worlds for the men and the women.

The main character has mixed feelings about his community. He’s tough on the outside, but feels bad on the inside about burning down houses. Guy, the main character is a fireman that wants to use his strength and knowledge to change the society. He is daring and courageous for trying to save the society because if he gets caught reading he will be killed. Guy is tough and strong physically and mentally. He is ready to fight against the law. This is important because it shows that Montag is not just a fireman but a radical who doesn’t care what the law says.

The females portrayed in this novel show stereotypical gender roles as well. Mildred, Guy’s wife, stays at home. Her job is to clean up and make dinner. For the whole day, she watches TV in the parlor. Women in this community don’t have jobs and they have no say in anything. For example when Guy came home and asked for dinner she immediately went and made it. The women have the same daily routine everyday. This is important because the men have someone to fulfill their needs. The reason for this is that women are portrayed as not being strong or tough, so they get the simple or more feminine jobs in the community.

The firemen in the community destroy and conquer. Beatty, Guys boss is a typical fireman. Beatty’s position as chief fireman allows him to do and get what he wants. His eyes and ears is his robotic Hound, that’s how Beatty kept an eye on the whole town. Smoking cigars, gambling, and burning down houses was all he did. This is important because it shows an arrogant man that doesn’t care. The reason for this is that he has the highest position in his job. Beatty is ruthless and uses physical force to get rid of the book readers. He has say in any decision dealing with the community. Beatty is a real tough, careless, man who abuses his power, were as the women have no power.

In general, women have less power than men in this book. The reason for this is that women are thought to be simple-minded and weak. This is important because the men in the community take control and burn anyone who has a book. The women have no free will and have to listen to the men. The men in the community use their strength and power to keep everyone in check, while the women are just used as tools. Overall, the community separates the men from the women meaning that they both have different worlds.

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The book was so amazing that I had to write about it

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