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The First Part Last

December 14, 2007
By Anonymous

I chose to read The First Part Last because it is a tearjerker….and a provocative, teen drama story!

The story was very interesting, it was like a novel where mom and dad have to choose between keeping their child or giving it away! I know it is hard for them. I understand them they're barely 16! In this book Nia is a 16 year old girl whose boyfriend Bobby gets her pregnant know they struggle through life, trying to keep the family together and taking care of the baby .Without an education, now they must decide whether to keep the baby or give it away…

In this book, I think that Nia is stupid because she has a great boyfriend that loves her but she decides to through it all away. She should take sometime out and think it over again because she has so much to lose and so little to WIN. My favorite part is when Nia and bobby at last get together as a couple.

I recommend this book to young teen readers because the message really helps understand the concept of being young and that we still have a long way to go throughout life. I especially recommend this book to GIRLS at the early ages of 13 and up so they won't make the same mistake and wake up to be a mom!

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