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Paulo’s Wall by Rachelle DeSimone

March 3, 2008
By Anonymous

At school and home Paulo is known by being a nice, intelligent and responsible kid. Paulo lives with his mom and his dog Nikka. Their really hasn’t been a dad on Paulo’s life because his dad died when Paulo was just a little kid.

The problem started when Paulo stayed after school to finish a report. Paulo had missed both of the school busses that means Paulo had to walk home. Paulo had to get home fast because he had to go feed Nikka. So Paulo decided to take a shortcut and go threw the alley, everyone knew that going through alleys was a bad idea because the gangsters from “Tres Palmas” were always their, but Paulo had no choice he had to get home fast.

Spooky and loco are to members of the gang “Tres Palmas”, they also went to Paulo’s school. One day when Paulo got home from school he had seen graffiti on his wall he got so mad and even angrier when he saw that it said Tres Palmas. Paulo had wondered what he had done to them so that they would do that to him. Paulo decided to paint over it because he didn’t want his jefita (jefita means mom) to find out. Then this started too happened every day he had paint over it till one day he got tired of the same thing happening every day. One day he decided to take a weapon to school. What will happen????

Paulo’s wall is a really enjoyable book. It talks about gangs and also had to do with graffiti. I would recommend this book to everyone, but especially you people who like books about action and gang related problems.

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