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Head Games by Mariah Fendricks

March 6, 2008
By Anonymous

How would you feel if the only person that was your best friend abandoned you without a reason? How would you deal? Well that's the case for fifteen-year-old Judith Ellis and for her fantasy rules and is her escape.

Judith Ellis' best friend Leia has recently abandoned her and fifteen-year-old Judith has no idea why. For her though it doesn't matter at that point. All that matters is that she strataqizes for The Game. When a player in the game has a chance to kill her player and doesn't Judith starts to wonder. Who is this player known as Irgan? Soon Judith is on a mission to know who this Irgan fellow is. Then one day in the elevator to get to her apt. there it is. The name Irgan. Soon this book becomes a tale when she finds out who he is and they start a game of their own? Only thing is do they have a chance at love? Can she trust him enough to tell him what happened that night on 158th Seventy-First Street, New York City? Can she even trust him? Mariah Fenricks has a way with words that will hook you into the book and not let go till the end. Like she does with you on page 104-105 with the words “He puts a hand on the ladder that leans against it, closes his fingers around an old corroded rung. ‘Climb.' I stare up at the water tower, at the ladder that seems to stretch for miles. How high is it? I try to gauge. Three stories high? Four? If I fell, would I die? I glance over that wall that surrounds the roof. The tower is close to the wall; probably if you fell off at a high enough point, you'd sail right over the wall, plunge twelve stories down….”

For other books by Mariah Fendricks try reading The True Meaning of Cleavage. All in all Head Games by Mariah Fendricks is a fantastic read. This is one book you do not want to miss. I give this book a two-thumbs up and recommend this book to anyone who loves a tale of forbidden teenage love like Romeo and Juliet and hardship. Go to the library and check this book out. You will not be disappointed.

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