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Snowboard Champ by Matt Christopher

March 7, 2008
By Anonymous

Being totally out of control is bad. Especially when you are trying to hard not to while snowboarding. Matt is a very determined snowboarder, but with his mother gone for a year he is falling apart.

Matt Harper is a very determined snowboarder who has to live with his uncle because his mom is on a government mission. His uncle lives in dragon alley, which is very tiny. Now there are rumors of his mom being in prison and he is did drugs and was in a gang. He has to straiten things out.

The book I read was a sports book that all sports players or sports lovers should read. Matt Christopher also makes a lot of other sports books too. This book was pretty good, but I would have made it longer.

Now Matt tries to become the snowboard champ. It is the last chance before winter is done. Read this book and find out.


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