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Things Left Unsaid by Stephanie Hemphill

March 7, 2008
By Anonymous

Do you like books about friendship? Well I do and that's why I picked this book. It's amazing on how the friend ship works.
This book s about a girl named Sarah who starts out being a good girl and never gets bad grades. Then when she's at a party she meets a girl named Robin. They become friends and that's when everything start turning around. Sarah gets bad grades, starts wearing all black and does things she would never do. Then when Robin does something very terrible Sarah starts second guessing herself on being Robins friend.

When I started reading this book I started thinking of one of my friends that would be like Sarah to me. So when I was reading this it made me think that this book is very well written and it relates to me. If I were to rate this book I am giving it an eight it's not the best book out there but it is one of my favorites. This book would be good for mostly girls because it's about a girl's friendship. One of my favorite stanzas from this book is “I smile, it feels karmically correct for my scores to be replaced.”

The main character in this story, Sarah discovers a lot about herself and the true meaning of friendship. Now she sees how to be herself.

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