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Uprising by Margaret Peterson Haddix

February 3, 2008
By Anonymous

Uprising is a tale woven from tendrils of smoky memories from times long past and emotions still strong. This novel is a winding puzzle of life and loss from years ago, and the heart- wrenching tale of death, sacrifice, and devotion to one's cause.

The theme “never give up” is found continuously through Uprising, shown through the three main character's determination for one cause, and their refusal to stop trying, despite dangerous circumstances. Even when death looms over them, they keep fighting for their rights and the rights of all workers in the shirtwaist factories of the 1900s.

This book was impossible to put down. The prose sucks the reader in, and the story and its intricately flowing details keeps the reader hypnotized in the amazing tales of three young girls who were caught in the fire that swept America, changing it forever.

I most definitely recommend this book to anyone who loves history and wished they could have been there to experience it all. If you read this book, I guarantee that you'll never look at history the same way again.


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