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Wayside School by Louis Sachar

February 15, 2008
By Anonymous

Whooo!!!!!!!!!Wayside school by Louis Sachar is about this crazy school named wayside school. And the kids and the teachers are crazy the one teacher that is crazy is Mrs. Gulf if you got her mad she would turn you into an apple, she was the meanest teacher at wayside school .Until she got turned into a apple her self, and the students had a new teacher her name is Mrs. Jewels she was the nicest teacher at wayside school she was nice to the class even when they where bad she did not yell one bit .One day the whole class was in a normal day and they got a new student all of the class looked at the new smelly boy me sat down and he was rude to the hole class he was mean then he turned into a ………. ?. You haft to find out and read the book.

My favorite part in this story in that when Mrs. Gulf turned them into apples and then she turns into one her self too. Also I like Mrs. Jewels she is so nice and she is fun to. And she does not turn kids into an apple if she gets mad she is just a nice she would never do something like that.

Next, if you like books that haft to do with school and tells about some weird students and some weird teachers you would like this a lot also it is a funny and good book.

I want you to read this book because it's hilarious and I make me laugh and it would make you laugh too. also its tells about a really high school when it was supposed to be a elementary school and I mean high it's class's are on each other and there is 35 class so the school is 35 feet .

The author (Louis Sachar) is a good book author he knows how to make kids laugh .he is a good book seller .he is really good at making kids want to read more.

I compare this book to a show its called ‘wayside school ‘.the book is so good that they made it as a great show so even more kids to read his book.

Lastly, I think that 4th, 5th and maybe 6th graders can read this amazing book and they will maybe show their friends and they will show their friend's. Also the book is AR testable. They would enjoy this book too, because it's a boy and girls class.

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