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The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown

February 25, 2008
By Anonymous

A new movie came out called the Da Vinci Code. My mom insisted that this was a movie for the ages, so we went and saw it. Afterwards, I asked what made it the “Da Vinci” code. My mom consisted that the book explained it better, and I took her up on that.
The book described the day that the Templars were wiped out. The Templars were people who kept a secret that could “bring down the catholic church.” When the Grandmaster was assassinated, the secret was assumed to be lost forever, but as the old man died he left clues as to where and what the secret was.
The book follows Sophie Neveau and Robert Langdon while they go from clue to clue solving the code that was set in place by a previous grandmaster; Leonardo Da Vinci.
Harvard's greatest historian and a FBI agent are the last chance for those who want to know the truth, but a creepy albino dude who whips himself is hunting them. The race is on while they need to answer the questions before being executed.
It turns out it was Da Vinci's code because he had this all planned out when he was grandmaster. That was pretty cool. This is probably a bad book for people of the Catholic or Christian church. Or people who whip themselves. Because it makes them look creepy. Actually, it is pretty creepy. If you whip yourself, stop. It doesn't make you look cool for your friends or anything.

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