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The Revenge of the Wannabes by Lisi Harrison

February 27, 2008
By Anonymous

As I sat in a lonesome chair, reading a book I realized that there were many different types of genres that I had not even thought about. So I decided to find a book that I would not normally read and started a journey like non other. The revenge of the wannabes is a book based on a “Normal” teen girls life. It talks about fashion, friends and of course, revenge.
There are two main characters:
Alicia: who is fed up by the way Massie “owns” the Friday nights and so she rebels and starts to make her own club.
Massie: who is having a terrible time with the fact that Alicia, her best friend is slowly but surely giving her the finger.
The story seems to be never-ending but the book is not the only one in the series so its not just going to end so don't worry. To be more descriptive, the story starts when everything seems to be all right. Then from out of nowhere, Alicia gets her feelings unleashed and she takes it out by getting rid of the old, and grabbing the new by the antlers. She dumped Massie and the got her own friends. But eventually after many fights and tears, Alicia feels the need to be back in the loop but will Massie accept her???
If you no nothing of the many pages from the book of girls, this book is not for you. There are lots of fashion topics and if you look more into hemi engines the book would be more of a grease wipe. My initial thought of a new book was concealed with many other thoughts I will try to answer but it might take awhile.

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