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Splinter Cell by David Michaels

April 20, 2008
By Anonymous

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell, by David Michaels, is the story of a special agent, called a splinter cell named Sam Fisher who works for the office of Third Echelon for the United States Government. Sam's job is to gather information around the world, from Russia, to Hong Kong, to Los Angeles.

Sam deals with two deadly groups, a triad in Hong Kong called the Lucky Dragons, and a dangerous arms dealer called “The Shop” in Russia. He has to risk his life and think on his feet several times to save his country and the country of others. The ending is a shock, and will leave you wanting more action.

I absolutely loved this book. If you are in to action, or even sci fi based books, then Splinter Cell is for you. It is full of action, suspense, and sadness in some parts. The main reason I loved this book, was that the plot is full of drama, Sam's encounters are never repetitive and the ending left me begging for more. If you do buy this book and decide you don't like it halfway through, please finish it, and then tell me what you think

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