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Pride of Baghdad by Brian K. Vaughan

April 7, 2008
By Anonymous

Pride of Baghdad is a very interesting graphic novel that shows the true meaning of freedom. This story takes place in the heat of the Iraqi War when the Americans bombed the Iraq Zoo. This story gets into the life of a family of lions that some wish they could be free and others thought they were very content with their lives. Sensing something has happened as their people run frantically around and the zoo becomes vacant. Then in a moments notice the lions fill a big shake and then they notice that there cages are destroyed. The lions go wondering around the wrecked zoo seeing animals out of their cages and different animals in other cages. The lions face different obstacles against hunger, getting along with there pack, and facing bears and crazy monkeys. The lions walk around the town of Baghdad till they get hungry and then them start looking for food they see bears, horses, and dead people for food but unfortunately get distracted and don’t eat them. The pack has many disagreements on there trip around Baghdad about food, each others decisions, and running the pack. One obstacle that the little lion has to go through is when the monkeys takes advantage of him and wants to eat him. They get through there day through Baghdad while they were hungry but content while watching a peaceful sunset go down on the town of Baghdad something unexpected happens. I recommend reading this wild book that reminds me of the tale Lion King.

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