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Green Angel by Alice Hoffman

November 4, 2011
By IAmWhoIWantToBe PLATINUM, Manila, Other
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Someone once told me not to judge a book by the cover. But I did and it’s worth it.

Green Angel is a young adult fairytale written by Alice Hoffman. This book revolves around loss, survival and everything in between.

Green is a dark, moody girl who has the patience to tend the garden. Her family is the only people she usually associates with. When they go to the city to sell harvest, leaving Green behind to pull weeds, a conflagration changes Green forever. Her hair is singed; her eyes are half-blind from the ashes; and her family never comes back.

But her sister, Aurora, who shines brighter than the moonlight, continues to haunt her in her dreams. Terrified, Green changes herself. She begins to wear thorny clothes and nail-studded boots to feel safe; and she often tattoos her body with needle and ink to conceal her pain. She renames herself Ash and decides that Green is gone.

Green Angel is another proof of Alice Hoffman’s talent in writing. I highly recommend this to boys and girls of all ages. Even though you are a reader of a 500-page book, this book will touch your heart, leaving you satisfied.

The author's comments:
Green Angel is the first book that ever made me "feel."

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