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Koyal Dark, Mango Sweet by Kashmira Sheth

March 22, 2012
By AllofTheAbove GOLD, Louisville, Kentucky
AllofTheAbove GOLD, Louisville, Kentucky
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Courage and Caution are not enemies.

Arranged marriages are a generally considered completely ridiculous. Yet, what happens when it's a culture that still considers women no where near the worth of a man?
This book takes place in Mumbia, India and is centered around Jeeta a sharp-tongued rebellious young girl. India at this time seems to be half and half on how women should be treated. The newer generation is all for letting the women go out get jobs and continue their education with college. The older generation, Jeeta's mother included, that women should stay in the kitchen, raise the kids, and serve the husband first.
Jeeta's mother also sees making sure her three daughters get married as her sole mission. "Daughters and sons are as far apart as the earth and the sky. You give birth to both of them, nurse them, feed them, educate them, and then what? For a daughter you worry until you find a suitable husband and get her married. A daughter keeps taking from you, and your never done with your obligations. But a son is a different matter. *Deekro, jivta pale ane muva bale, a son takes care of you when you die. ... A son is like having insurance for this life and the next, who would want to be without that?" Koyal Dark, Mango Sweet.
Then Jeeta meets Sarina, and they become best friends. Little does Jeeta know she is falling for her best friend's cousin. Sarina and her cousin help Jeeta come to her own conclusions and do what's right regardless of what others around her think.
This book was amazing. It had my jaw-dropping with outrage and my eyes getting wide with disbelief. I absolutely adored it. I'll admit I skipped to the last page to see how it ended.NO SPOILERS I PROMISE. I was completely satisfied.

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