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June 7, 2014
By FreelanceWriter SILVER, South St Paul, Minnesota
FreelanceWriter SILVER, South St Paul, Minnesota
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Lone Survivor, Marcus Luttrell

Russel Susskie a fourteen year old eskimos that is trying to survive in the cold Arctic. He doesn't know which direction he is going, only know that he is heading north. Out in the open he can not find food for himself of his dog team. Not having the knowledge or experience about taking care of a sick person in this conditions.

He is heading north to reach the other side of the arctic. Not knowing where their are any town or place to camp, it would seem crazy doing this. It would have been wise to set out a plot and have a compass and map along with him, instead of going out in the empty land not knowing when you’ll find food to eat.

At the beginning of Russel journey he and his dog team have hunted down a deer. After a few day the meat runs out. Russel know that the dogs are strong and will keep running until they die, but he doesn't want that to happen. The best thing to do was to hunt a few day before the meat runs out or stay in a area where there will be animals and hunt as much game as you can carry. This would solve the problem of running out of food. He was pushing himself to find food when he found a girl in the snow.

Him and his dogs left camp and did not eat anything for six day. Until they found something to hint. He was so desperate to bring something back that one his dogs was killed when hunting a polar bear.

Nancy gave birth after Russel arrived at the camp. He was unable to do anything and had to bury the baby because it did not make it. Two life were lost because he did not know what to do.

Before starting his journey Russel should have know were he was going. It would have been good to know where to look for game to hunt and how to handle dangers animals. Knowing where a settlement was could have saved the baby from dying.

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