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The Death Cure by James Dashner

August 1, 2014
By AlaNova ELITE, Naperville, Illinois
AlaNova ELITE, Naperville, Illinois
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THHRe: The Death Cure
#3 in the Maze Runner Series

After a seventh grade of watching people hug green-coated books with Dashner on them, I decided to check out the Maze Runner Trilogy. Following is my review of the third and final book, “The Death Cure.”

The Scorch Trials have finished. Few are left, and even fewer that trust. WICKED is ready to move forward with the final cure of the Flare, the precious blueprint of the killzone. A solution that could change the world forever.
And will Thomas submit to the monster that has lied to him, abused him, and used him relentlessly? Will his friends? But will the results be even more catastrophic if they don’t?
I was especially interested to see how the trilogy would end. And my verdict is: wow. There’s a blend of problems and praise, and I can’t really find a sway either way. One thing I can say, however, is I’d prefer this book over its predecessor, “The Scorch Trails.”
But my biggest problem? Lack of pattern. (SPOILER ALERT) The fate of Teresa left me stunned, shocked, because her initial setup with Thomas in the first book held a lot of weight and great potential. Watching it thrown to the dust and then stomped on was astounding. And that brings us back to ole Brenda—sorry, but I still no like that girl. Her loyalties are unjustified, her circumstances pushy and opportune. And it’s not quite like her personality is crying for a high five either. I hope they visualize her better in the inevitable third movie.
Just like the ending: there just weren’t enough details to make the situation plausible. It fit, it was suited, but I still think it could’ve been a bit clearer.

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