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Relish: My Life in the Kitchen by Lucy Knisley MAG

April 22, 2015
By Caesar123 DIAMOND, Union Grove, Wisconsin
Caesar123 DIAMOND, Union Grove, Wisconsin
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Part autobiography, part cookbook, Lucy Knisley’s Relish: My Life in the Kitchen is perhaps one of the most eclectic books I’ve ever read. It might be the superior attitude held by more “refined” readers to shrug off such a book; it’s just 165 pages and contains many pictures. I, however, was quite pleased to stoop below the line of “refinement.” Believe me when I say this book is a real treat.

Within its colorful pages is the detailed life of its author, Lucy Knisley, who is just a little something of (or a lot of something of) a foodie. The photos of brightly colored sandwiches, steaks, and cheeses made my mouth water – Knisley’s recipes are displayed phenomenally well. I’m still trying to fight the urge to bake all nine types of chocolate chip cookies that she describes, and eat them all at once.

But as I said, Relish isn’t a simple cookbook. It tells a story, too – the story of a girl who grew up in the often enchanting streets of New York City. The story of the same girl who moved out to the country after her parents split in a nasty divorce. The story of a girl who goes to Mexico and Chicago and half a world away. It’s a story that is not short on real moments, touching moments, funny moments, and everything in between. It talks to you as a person who’s had some of the same experiences and feelings as Knisley, offering a departure from your grandma’s sweet but robotic-sounding cookbook.

In the end, the uniqueness of Relish: My Life in the Kitchen gives it an edge. I can honestly say I’ve never read anything remotely like it, and I doubt I ever will. Knisley has a panache for food, travel, and connecting to the reader, and that’s what makes this book stand out.

I rate it 4/5 stars.

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I read this book as part of my state's Battle of the Books competition. If you want to see more book reviews on the books in the competition, check out my profile! Thanks!

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on Sep. 26 2015 at 10:44 am
sharpened_pencil GOLD, Warren, New Jersey
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I loved this book! Your review is spot on, I loved the recipes and felt the same way!