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Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Pt 1 (2023) MAG

August 28, 2023
By ellenhsuan BRONZE, Glenview, Illinois
ellenhsuan BRONZE, Glenview, Illinois
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The seventh installment of the “Mission Impossible” series is everything a thriller fanatic can ask for. Viewers interested in a blend of sci-fi, stunt scenes, and adventure will feel their hearts pump — especially when seeing the film on the big screen. Although long (clocking in at two hours and 43 minutes), it is worth every second of the lengthy watchtime.

As always, daredevil actor Tom Cruise returns as Ethan Hunt, this time saving the world from code gone rogue. We are first introduced to a prologue, where the Russian submarine Sevastopol’s advanced AI deceives the crew into firing a torpedo back on itself, killing all on board. Only two halves of a cruciform key can control this Entity, causing a global race for this unimaginable power. Ethan and his IMF partners (Benji and Luther) track down one-half of the key in Saudi Arabia but soon run into trouble with both U.S. agents and Gabriel, an Entity liaison and Ethan’s enemy from the past. While in pursuit of the other half, Ethan encounters Grace, a professional pickpocket anonymously hired to steal that very half. The plot thickens as the Entity infiltrates all intelligence centers, creating an atmosphere where truth cannot be trusted. Grace joins Ethan, Benji, and Luther in a quest to recover the key and destroy the AI before time runs out. “Part One” ends after a suspenseful sequence filled with imposters, close calls, and fighting on a moving train.

For someone unfamiliar with the previous MIs, the characters are a lot to memorize at once. However, the confusion fades away quickly, especially after a bit of background research. Ethan, Benji, Luther, Ilsa Faust (a British ex-agent), and broker Alanna Mitsopolis are returning characters from previous franchises, so knowing their history helps with comprehending the storyline. This also allows original “Mission Impossible” fans to feel an emotional connection, making some scenes truly gut-wrenching.

One of my personal favorite aspects of the film — and the series in general — is Ethan’s unfaltering loyalty to his teammates/friends. Under circumstances of extreme danger, he always values their lives above any other objective, personal or professional. It gives the viewer a sense of comfort to know that his priorities are straightened. The other favorite aspect, of course, belongs to Tom’s insane stunts. Not many special effects were necessary, as he did, in fact, zoom off a cliff on a motorcycle. The action scenes coursed pure adrenaline through my body, and I felt my heart drop to the ground throughout the movie.

As for the actors, they did a phenomenal job of portraying the very essence of their respective characters. Not once did the lines feel scripted or unnatural, and while leaving the theater, I felt as if I knew each character personally. Benji and Luther’s dedication and humor, Grace’s quick-witted intelligence, Alanna’s flirtatious playfulness… The antagonists also served their parts, although not as multi-dimensional. I was especially captivated by the scene where Grace wears a mask and assumes the identity of Alanna aboard the Orient Express. During filmmaking, this required Alanna to adopt Grace’s mannerisms, which she excelled at. In fact, I initially believed that Grace was indeed wearing the mask.

“Mission Impossible: Dead Reckoning Part One” is a must-see for all audiences above 13 years old. It provides a vivid background and sets up the plot for the unreleased “Part Two.” Prepare to have your heart captured by the genuine characters and feel the impatience for the second half of the narrative, which will debut (hopefully) in June 2024.

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