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What Happens in Vegas

October 19, 2009
By C.Trost21 BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
C.Trost21 BRONZE, Denver, Colorado
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When you need a break from all the stress of life, where is the best place to go? Vegas, of course! That’s where two strangers, Jack (Ashton Kutcher) and Joy (Cameron Diaz) meet and that’s also where their lives get a little more complicated. When partying a little too hard one night, Jack and Joy get drunk, marry, and then try to get divorced the next morning. As Ashton Kutcher put it, “What happens in Vegas, you pay for when you get home”. When they get back to New York, Jack and Joy have to go to court to fight over a three million jackpot that they won. The no nonsense judge sentences them to six months “hard marriage”, and they have to go to marriage counseling. If they miss a session or someone is proven unfaithful, the other person gets the entire three million dollar jackpot. Jack and Joy continuously sabotage each other-from fake fights to taking off the bathroom door to inviting parents over for dinner- at every chance they get in trying to get their hands on the money, but soon enough, they realize that they actually have a lot of passion for one another. They have proven that when you gamble with love, you just might win.
This was probably one of the most entertaining movies I have ever seen. I have nothing negative to say about this fantastic film. The director, Tom Vaughan created a magical piece. With hilarious dialogue and side cramping actions, What Happens in Vegas was a fabulous movie that I have had the privilege of seeing. I think that everyone who loves a good comedy should see it. I loved every minute of this enlightening comedy. Every second was hilarious and entertaining. This movie has definitely made my list of my top three favorite movies. What Happens in Vegas exceeded my expectations by a million miles. The comedy level produced by Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz has set the bar for comedies made everywhere. It made a worldwide profit of $219,375,797. Fox has definitely produced one of the greatest comedies I have ever seen. Everyone that I have shared this movie with agrees that it is amazing and endlessly funny, they wanted to watch it over and over again. Writer: Dana Fox has completely delivered on making a funny movie; she was genius. This movie was the winner of a Teen Choice Award for best comedy actor, nominated for a Razzie Comedy Award, and nominated for another Teen Choice Award for the comedy category. Even though it only won the one award, What Happens in Vegas is still a winner in my book. So if you’re in the mood for a side-cramping, insanely hilarious movie-you will not see one funnier. I strongly recommend seeing What Happens in Vegas.

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I love movies and this was a great one to review, I strongly recommend it.

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