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Where the Wild Things are

November 15, 2009
By Kristina Hobbs GOLD, Prineville, Oregon
Kristina Hobbs GOLD, Prineville, Oregon
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What’s a word for creepy yet captivating? I’m not really sure where Spike Jonze went with making the book into a motion picture when directing this film since the beginning and end were different from the book its self, and the middle of it being more depressing then heart warming like the book presents. There were scenes that had a touch of heart and there were scenes that were just down right awkward and emotionless. I imagined this moving being a film of magical enchantment and never ending fantasy and imagination. A film maybe about the bonding and adventures one boy discovers when going into a world of friendly monsters and one entertaining journey to explore an undiscovered territory. I’m not suggesting this movie was necessarily a downer and poorly produced. It’s definitely a different genre of movie style and I’m sure it’ll bring in a special kind of crowd, and that just might be children. It was not what I had expected but it certainly had its moments during the film that really made it interesting and classical. I rate this film 3 strings. Only 3 because of the lack of effort it had towards making in into classic book its self, and because it was still intriguing and unique in its own way.

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